Knowing the difference between black and white magic love spells

This is a short little note of encouragement, a short spurt of inspiration for all those who are remotely curious at least.

It is especially a note of encouragement for all those who are still harboring unfounded fears in the hearts about black magic love or money spells. While it does encourage readers to draw a line in the sand where the preferred white magic love spells it roots out the unnecessary evil and dispels the myths for once and for all.

And perhaps for those curious but daring readers who need such things in their lives – all for their own good, and for the good of others for that matter – let this short little note also serve as a stern warning.

Unless you are willing to risk your entire life, the present earthly life which Mother Nature has blessed you with, and the afterlife which many of us will never understand (it is so mysterious, so much so that not even your kindly Wicca disciple can give you a clear explanation on what it entails), do not, repeat, do not dabble in black magic spells.

white magic love spells

Fair to say that the powerful forces that surround the dispensing of black magic spells are so powerful that you will never be able to foment it on your own, but you can put it into practice through others. These would have to be malevolent men and women who have the fundamental skills to cast magic spells over people’s lives and circumstances. But because they are inherently practicing evil deeds, the spells are always going to be a huge risk to you if you, yourself, have evil intentions towards others. So powerful are the forces of the evil spirits in the beyond and so powerful is what practicing witches like to call the evil eye.

Be a good man or woman and always focus attention on safeguarding yourself and those you care about from the evil eye. But black magic spells can be cast for reasonable and humane intentions. They should only be cast, mind you, by practitioners who have the necessary gifts and psychic powers to do so. Reasonable and humane intentions could include putting into motion the breakup of a relationship that is tragically heartbreaking and beyond mending. The silver lining is that once a partnership is severed peacefully and amicably the people concerned can be free to start their lives over again.

And who knows, fall in love all over again.

Which is where the enduring white magic spells come in. These are safe spells for those of you who are after love, love, lovers and only love and all the joys that it brings. It helps those shy romantic types kick start their adoration for another in the right direction. It can also be used to cement a relationship and lead a loving couple to the altar of marriage.

Love is magical. But do not abuse it.