Understanding How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

There are many ways that you can drug tested, and many reasons why you may find yourself needing to pass such as test. There are two primary reasons why you are getting drug tested: you are either on probation or you are looking to get a job. Your employer is going to test you because they want to figure out what is going on with you. If they are seeking to hire you, they want to know that you are not the type of person who regularly does drugs, or does any drugs at all.

And if you are on probation, then you will know that one of the conditions for your release was the fact that you are not going to be taking any more drugs. And whether you like it or not, marijuana is an illegal substance in many states in America. You may think that it is harmless, and even less unhealthy for you than alcohol, but alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. Your employer or probation officer is not going to get into a philosophical debate with you about the merits and downsides of marijuana. They just want to know that you are clean.

So, if you have been told that you need to pass a saliva drug test, you are going to want to find a solution. The question of how to pass a saliva drug test often comes up. The good news is that you have a lot going for you if this is the test that you are going to get. It is only going to show your drug use for the past seven days – nothing before that. So, if you are able to abstain seven days prior to your test, then you are good to go. We think that if you want a job so badly, and you want to stay out of jail, this should not be too much of a problem.

But we are also aware that sometimes you may not get the notice of seven days before your test. And in these cases, you may feel as though you are out of options. Except you are not. There is a trick that you can use involving mouthwash that is going to get you through this test. When you take the test, what you are going to want to do is use a ton of mouthwash the day before and the day of your test.

how to pass a saliva drug test

You can do this with regular mouthwash, such as Listerine, but you can also use a dedicated product that is designed to mask the drug toxins in your saliva. And this is not the type of thing where you have to put it in your body, you just need to swish it around in your mouth like you do with mouthwash and then spit it out. But what you are getting is the very real possibility that you will be passing your drug test. Even if you smoked marijuana a few days before your test, you will be fine with this method.